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KSi Supply Chain Benchmarking Mission Statement

KSi Supply Chain Benchmarking Reports are developed to educate industries about the expenses required to support the logistics function of distributors. From this data, key trends and issues are identified and discussed. The reports are designed to present the facts in a simple and easy-to-read format and are supported by many graphs and tables. Through this exercise, a common body of information has been established that should help executives, at all levels, identify opportunities for improvement in their companies.

The purpose of benchmarking is to improve any given business process by identyfing and utilizing best practices rather than simply measuring the best performance. Benchmarking allows us to continously better understand, identify and adapt outstanding processes and practices which are found inside and outside organizations. By studying and measuring best practices uncovered by our Benchmarking Surveys, KSi can provide your company with the greatest opportunity for gaining strategic, operational and financial advantage.

Benchmarking Studies Are Different

KSi is proud to provide the industry with historical and current Supply Chain Benchmarking Survey Reports. These reports continue broadening the scope to include the most pressing issues executives face today related to industry trends, automation, e-commerce, capacities as well as other crucial KPI's (key performance indicators).

The goal of our Supply Chain Industry Studies is to go back to studies done in previous decades and update those data measurements to provide a more comprehensive set of tools and data points. Our studies begin with the raw data provided by our study participants to ensure common calculations are completed in order to prodcue specific benchmarks based on the same inputs.

KSi prepares and issues customized reports to participating companies, which compares their results vs. industry averages. An overall ranking and key insights from the industry-wide benchmarks, trends and highlighs are then shared.  


KSi's Benchmarking Surveys

KSi's Supply Chain Benchmarking Surveys have been produced for many years and provide logistical data from a wide variety of industries, participants and different parts of the supply chain and primarily specialized and focused on the food industry.


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