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Operational Audits

Operational Analysis

Productivity Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis

Detailed Bottom-up Data Analysis and Modeling

Right Sizing of New and Expanded DCs

Reset & Optimization of Existing DCs

Remodeling of Changes in Operations

Development of Alternatives as the Basis for Comparison

Productivity Assessment & Best Practice Benchmarking

Slotting & Layout Enhancement Evaluation


Develop and evaluate alternative operating strategies to maximize efficiencies, space utilization and extend facility lifetime

Evaluate and recommend optimal pick paths, flow of product and slotting concepts to minimize labor spent at retail and at DC

Determine expansion size and shape

Optimization of overall productivity, storage, and fronts

Develop the most efficient and economical storage and handling techniques

Create actionable plan to reduce cost per unit handled, eliminate errors, product damage and inventory turnover

Provide detailed AutoCAD/Revit layout plans and elevations


Identification of systems and mechanical applications

Developing equipment request for quotations

Managing the bidding process

Reviewing responses and monitoring the installation

Reset of all MHE planned to be implemented

Establishing the slotting methodology and operational applications

Perform final slotting & detailed step-by-step move planning

Identify and recommend WMS & facility support change requirements

Review of A&E drawings and/or integrator solution drawings

Provide electronic final slotting, label and XYZ files suitable for integration

Developing crewing requirements

Identify transition timelines

Provide project guidance and best practices

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