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Optimization For Supply Chain Networks

Our bottom-up approach ensures that all of our recommendations are practical and can be successfully implemented tracing all aspects of the network to detailed data.

Our Goal Is to Answer Complex Questions Such As:

How can I best serve my existing and future markets?

How many distribution centers should I have?

Where should they be located?

How big should they be?

Fully automated, Hybrid and/or Conventional?

What items should be stocked at each DC?

What is the impact of changing inventory levels?

How should each DC operate inside the 4 walls?

How can I best reuse existing capacity?

What is the roadmap in years for me to allocate capital and plan expansions?

3PL Evaluation & Selection

Develop a 3PL outsourcing request for proposal that is specific to your business needs.

Transportation Optimization

Perform detailed routing to optimize your fleet or carrier

Evaluate transportation budgets and operations to identify cost savings and service improvement opportunities

Transportation study rationalization

Inbound logistics

Carrier sourcing

Freight bill and audit

All mode channel management to include parcel, LTL, etc.

TMS evaluation

Freight track and trace process

In-transit visibility

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Evaluating the economics of outsourcing versus self-distribution of warehouse operations considering a third-party service provider or other distributors

Evaluate current distribution operations and determine an improved benchmark to compare to a 3PL provider

Perform financial & operational distribution modelling

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