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Facility Measuring

KSi will perform a standard building measure - 2D plan purposes including:

  • Base plan for existing and proposed rack layouts
  • Proposed expansions, CAD plans that can be forwarded to supplier and other consultants
  • BOMA (Industrial Buildings measurement Standards) for leasing purposed
  • Base plan for an XYZ study
  • Equipment survey and inventory: can be combined with a building survey to measure building and equipment on same visit

XYZ Coordinates

KSi will perform an accurate mapping/drawing of the warehouse facility to support the development of engineered labor standards when:

  • Check studies proved that travel time is inaccurate, and the distances travelled don’t match up
  • Accurate mapping of all the pick and reserve slots, dock doors, staging areas with precise X, Y & Z coordinates is needed.

REVIT Drawings

REVIT is a 3D-building information modeling software (BIM) which uses the intelligent model-based process to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

KSi will measure the following items in your building to build a REVIT model:

  • Volume, heights, high and low points of the roof, foundation walls, mezzanine, roof trusses, beams etc.
  • KSI REVIT model will serve as the basis which other specialist can build on. (structural, electrical, fire protection, civil etc)
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