KSi's approach is to evaluate and compare all reasonable & viable alternative MH layouts and handling concepts, including the applicability of automation prior to investing, which will minimize costs, provide maximum return and reduce risks involved in your projects.

This process is acheived by leveraging our anlytical capabilities and combining it with KSI's subject matter expertise and unparalleled industry experience and business intelligence (knowledge, experience and know-how) to estimate each distribution center's requirements.

The introduction of automation and MH solutions has changed the game, as multiple direct labor functions are no longer completed by people, therefore the throughput results have dramitically changed. These new systems do, however, require an investment into professional maintenance and software support staff. These additional indirect support staff must be factored into each solution as part of the justification process.

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KSi's Automation Evaluation Steps:

Perform optimization modeling of the future state of the planned new facilities and/or resets as the basis for comparison.

Create actionable plan to reduce cost per unit handled, eliminate errors, product damage and increased inventory turnover.

Review total throughput for the benchmark facility and compare to any KSi alternative developed.

Determine the optimal new module facility sizing and layout with the objectives of maximizing efficiency, effectiveness (accuracy) and capacities to handle the design year expectations.

Evaluate and compare existing and alternative applicable automated solutions for the future state.

Evaluate retail and e-commerce variety technology solutions to handle the planned item mix of varying shipping units and streams.

Visit and tour hybrid and fully automated DCs.

Perform a comparative analysis between the new MH handling method, and alternative MH methods with the intent to optimize operations, layout and processes to improve variable costs.

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