“If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.” -Lewis Carroll

KEITH SWIEDNICKI INTERNATIONAL (KSi) is a Global Supply Chain Technology Consulting Engineering firm which specializes in Logistics, Transportation, Industrial Engineering, Material Handling Design and overall Distribution Consulting with over 40 years of proven Supply Chain Expertise to provide your company with the highest and most unbiased comprehensive global supply chain solutions unparalleled in the industry. We are here to help your company find the best road and choose the right supply chain solution.

Our comprehensive approach ensures both our tactical and strategic recommendations are viable, and we are proud of our reputation as industry leading consultants in warehouse and network optimization, transportation optimization, facility sizing, slotting, automation and layout design solutions. We know that finding the best solution, which ensures your company gains the increased competitive advantage and results it needs, is a delicate mix of both art and science.

We’ve mastered that mix of art and science and provide our clients with an unparalleled level of expertise and specialized consulting excellence. Our team is proud of its global reputation as trusted and highly respected Supply Chain Experts. Our successful involvement in over 1,000 supply chain distribution projects over a wide range of industries, and our specialized in-depth knowledge of the Food & Grocery Industry has contributed to our reputation as the    “A-Team” of Supply Chain Consultants in the field today. When your company has supply chain challenges, choosing KSi as your trusted solutions partner is a sound decision.

KSi maintains its reputation as the most experienced, forward-thinking and specialized logistics and industrial engineering consulting firm of its kind. Our professional services provide significant financial and customer service benefits to companies as small as $25 million to as large as $460 billion in sales across retail, wholesale, and manufacturing.

KSi’s experience and knowledge of a range of distribution models is evidenced by the broad span of industries served. This allows KSi’s experts to share their knowledge of best practices in distribution operations and technologies from industry-to-industry wherever competitive advantage may be served.

In addition to the commitment of excellence the firm makes to its clients which includes a value-added service to companies seeking information on supply chain and logistics-related topics in the form of its Knowledge Center where supply chain benchmarking reports, articles and white papers are available.

Our team includes consultants, designers and data analysts bringing decades of proven experience designing and optimizing supply chains through advanced supply chain applications.

At KSi, we value your business. We pride ourselves on providing each and every client with exceptional and personalized service. We bring our unparalleled experience, exacting standards and dedication to every project and ensure your company receives the results, solutions and on-time project delivery you expect. Our client testimonials are proof.

KSi provides 100% unbiased consulting advice that is not influenced by any supplier relationships.

KSi receives absolutely no benefits from any solution providers and maintains this position to ensure objectivity when we represent our client's interests.

Leadership Team

Keith Swiednicki

President & CEO

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Sebastian Saunders


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Rahul Shingari

Senior Engineer

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Kyle Swiednicki

Supply Chain Analyst

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Chantal Tremblay

Executive Director

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Council Members and Practice Leaders

Chris Huff

Practice Leader

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Gerry Greenleaf

Practice Leader
Strategic Supply Chain

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Richard Kochersperger

Practice Leader

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Ron Cellupica

Council Member
Distribution Operations

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    I have used KSi in the past to perform various detailed distribution center analysis and they have always provided us with actionable recommendations to improve productivity and capacity. KSi has and brought forward many potential solutions based on their varied experience in the industry and determined which options were best for us. I would use KSI on future projects. Keith’s high level of experience, and desire to fully evaluate all the details and alternatives, as well as respectfully challenge the existing status quo, has provided a well-rounded additional perspective to our operations.
    Craig McPhee
    Vice-President, Distribution


  • Greg Rowe
    We engaged KSI to perform a facility sizing study for us. KSI’s data-driven process allowed me to not just understand my needs today, but also to project growth rates and look at what we need tomorrow. Keith is familiar with automation and was able to give me the ROI on different systems so we can make informed decisions that will save us on labor costs. Keith and his team take a very scientific approach to these projects and gives you real projections based on your actual data. I highly recommend KSI for new facility projects, slot optimization, productivity improvement, and operational efficiency benchmarking, to name a few.
    Greg Rowe
    Chief Operating Officer


  • Glen Keysaw
    Over the years I have worked with many consultants and the big difference in working with the KSI team is that they are great to work with, there people are smart, fun and engaging. They take a very detailed comprehensive approach beginning with detailed data files and create a virtual database, analysing it to evaluate alternatives and developing a recommended solution based on their subject matter expertise, deep operational understanding and unparalleled industry experience“
    Glen Keysaw
    Director of Transportation & Logistics


  • Amy Niemetscheck
    The things you’ve uncovered and assisted with already has been beyond eye-opening!.
    Amy Niemetscheck
    President & CEO


  • Emile Breaux
    KSi has been our primary consultant over the past 3 years and we have utilized Keith and his team and their slotting software to reconfigure (re-profile and reset) our entire facility.  This reconfiguration included the implementation of a slow-moving concept that was new to us and will allow us to drive significant annual labor costs out of our distribution center. Keith’s group provided the analysis work, using our operational data, that directed all of the product realignment and rack reconfiguration to support a more efficient operation of the warehouse.  During the course of this project, they also worked with our industrial engineer to review and adjust our engineered labor standards to correspond with the new warehouse configuration. KSI is quite capable to perform a detailed distribution center analysis to provide actionable recommendations to improve productively and capacity.  Keith’s background and extensive benchmarking work is a good fit for us and would highly recommend them to a firm considering this type of project.
    Emile Breaux
    President & CEO


  • Charles A. D’Elia Sr.
    Imperial Dade has worked with Keith and his KSI team for a number of years. They have brought a level of knowledge and professionalism that has allow us to build large efficient facilities. We see the results of their work on day one and then continue to use them to further improve our facilities as our operations change.
    Charles A. D’Elia Sr.
    SVP Operational Strategy


  • Enriquez Munoz 
    For over 20 years S-Mart has turned to Keith to provide us with his knowledge and experience on the efficient design of our distribution centers. Keith has been our loyal and trusted supply chain consultant and has been instrumental in every logistics project S-Mart has undertaken over the past two decades. We value his input and wouldn’t make any logistics decisions without his insights. Keith’s commitment to excellence in providing the best supply chain solutions that are always actionable and the dedication to excellence of his team at KSI only solidified our ongoing commitment to have Keith as our trusted supply chain partner.  
    Enriquez Munoz 
    Chairman & COO


  • Mark Lumadue
    We chose Keith Swiednicki International (KSI) to relocate our frozen warehouse operation into a new building. We doubled our size and were faced with challenges of ‘right sizing’ the operation. Our goal was to re-slot our item mix, align family groupings, improve the pick path and increase operational efficiency.

    KSI conducted an extensive operational assessment, collected data and interviewed associates. They came back with a detailed working database that contains slotting strategies, direct labor productivity, capacity utilization, budget and ROI analysis. KSI’s knowledge base is exceptional. They are highly motivated, well organized, professional, and reply quickly to our needs. The recommendations are always delivered on time and with favorable results. They clearly separate themselves from other consultants as great partners that provide solid strategic insights based on their in-depth experience and industry resources.
    Mark Lumadue
    Director of Logistics


  • Matt Saunders
    I have worked with Keith for several years on several projects in various locations around the country. He is my “go to guy” when it comes to warehouse design and efficiency. He has a great ability to understand the needs of the customer when designing new facilities, retrofitting existing ones or simply providing guidance on how to improve operations within existing building or fixture constraints. He becomes part of the team, not just an outside consultant. His view is always forward thinking and strategic, but he understands the need to handle the present to survive the journey. His work focuses on efficiency, but he also understands the cultural aspects of the business when it comes to keeping a satisfied (and safe) workforce. I have worked with Keith in both union and non-union shops. Keith pushes back and challenges norms and comfort zones. I wouldn’t even consider going into a distribution center project without having Keith involved.
    Matt Saunders
    Adviser to Media Solutions Corp.,

    Associate Wholesaler, Inc.

  • Dagmar Farr  
    Keith is a recognized industry knowledge leader in productivity benchmarking. He is the brainchild behind the development of a comprehensive survey structure and operational metrics that provide grocery industry executives with a way to evaluate their existing performance and identify new ways to create improvement opportunities. Keith believes that each company should make the best choice and cautions against the "one-size fits all" advice. He provides in-depth metrics, ratios, insights and comparisons to best of breed distributors. He knows the importance of effective internal productivity tracking and the reports he generates enable all distributors to see the best practice trends and identify opportunities for improvement. He has been a key collaborator with FMI in the development and analysis of the FMI/ROFDA 2016 benchmarking study findings and reports.
    Dagmar Farr  
    Senior Vice President-Member Services 


  • Todd Avery
    I have worked with Keith and his team for over 10 years. In that time, I have managed 8 different DC’s. When I needed supply chain expertise, I would get offered another team or another consultant company. I always insisted to my shareholders on working with the best; Keith’s team whom I refer to as The “A” Team. Would you trust your multi-million-dollar investment with anyone else?
    Todd Avery
    Senior VP Operations & Transportation


  • Tom Hughes
    KSI and team have been a great partner and provided us with strategic long-term direction and immediate cost savings that has been invaluable to our network and growth plans.  We refer to their past work often and would consider them again as strategic needs evolve over time.
    Tom Hughes
    Sr. VP Operations


  • Patrick Tagnani
    When Coastal Sunbelt Produce needed to finalize a layout and slotting strategy for our new state-of-the-art facility, I knew I had to call Keith from Keith Swiednicki International (KSI) to help us out. Keith has been a trusted, knowledgeable and reliable friend for many years. I knew we needed his hands-on practical expertise to help us maximize warehouse efficiencies. We trusted KSI’s recommendations because we knew they were providing proven techniques and valuable insights that were in our best interest. Keith and his A-Team at KSI have provided exceptional service levels that went above and beyond our expectations. Coastal Sunbelt Produce will undoubtedly look to KSI as our valued partner for guidance and support on any of our future projects.
    Patrick Tagnani
    Vice-President Operations


  • Lloyd Ligier
    Through a recommendation by one of our Members, Pro*Act engaged KSi and Keith several years ago to facilitate our Benchmarking Survey. Keith attended our annual OPS meetings to get a perspective of the distribution parameters of the organization, and then set about designing a meaningful survey. It was an evolutionary process.
    With over 50 distributors in our network, whose sales range from $25MM to $450MM, this was no easy task. Since all of our distributors are fresh produce specialists, our benchmarking criteria is vastly different from broadline or other specialty distributors. Keith was able to wade through those differences and develop an accurate, comprehensive survey. With Keith’s guidance, we have refined the survey to where our distributors can enter their own set of KPI’s and compare them to companies of their size and scope, and to the organization in general. This has proven to be an invaluable measuring tool.
    Along with the Benchmark Survey, Keith has kept us up to date on changes in the industry. From logistics, warehouse automation, warehouse efficiencies, to customer trends, he has been a valuable resource for Pro*Act.
    Lloyd Ligier
    VP Business Development


  • Duane L. Beck
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for an extremely professional analysis of our Global Supply Chain needs. The solutions your Team delivered where incredible. Superior data analytics supported by a team of experts with a wide breath of industry knowledge helped our company be better prepared for future growth in addition to helping us deploy best practices into our current daily workflows.

    Your team presented multiply physical layouts of our production, logistics and warehouse operations. These recommendations have allowed us to take advantage of some immediate supply chain efficiencies. The improvements were well received by our employees and have had a positive effect on customer order fulfillment cycle times.

    If you are looking for a consulting company that specializes in Supply Chain design and management, I strongly recommend Keith Swiednicki International (KSi) to help you effect change; with their support you will have a positive impact on your organization.
    Duane L. Beck
    Director of Corporate Supply Chain


  • Gerry Greenleaf
    With over 30 years of working with Keith Swiednicki, he has consistently provided three ingredients for success as a key partner in every engagement we have done together; practical solutions, creative ideas, and strategic perspectives. Keith's ability to bring the full spectrum of insights and actions to every engagement has been instrumental in supporting a variety of projects we have done together. Keith is a strong partner committed to helping our organization succeed.
    Gerry Greenleaf
    Vice President Supply Chain Planning and Services


  • Jay Campbell Sr.
      "KEITH (KSi) are dedicated to excellence and improvement in the field of supply chain.  They are willing to adapt and learn and always provide advice that is realistic and achievable for the client."
    Jay Campbell Sr.
  • Jeff Pedersen
      "Keith Swiednicki's insights always bring tremendous value to our ROFDA members. Thanks for being there, Keith. We appreciate you!'
    Jeff Pedersen
    President & CEO
  • Bruce Christiansen
    "KSi and team have been a great partner and provided us with strategic long term direction and immediate cost savings that has been invaluable for our network and growth plans. We refer to their past work often and would consider them again as strategic needs evolve over time."  
    Bruce Christiansen
    Group VP Supply Chain
  • Jack Nadeau
    "KSi is a great partner and has been instrumental in rightsizing our future distribution facility's needs based on detailed data analytics and operational expertise.  The team at KSi believes in us and truly supports our mission.   It's always a pleasure to work with a company that has strong principles and a culture that believes in doing the right good thing."  
    Jack Nadeau
    Black Rifle Coffee Company
  • Michael Kamphaus
      Peirone Logo   "Much thanks to you and your team for the amazing look at our company as it is today, and how it could look in the future. It gives me great comfort to know we can now plan the future of our company with the confidence of knowing our plans will be based on the solid foundation of your company's work!  With much gratitude and appreciation."  
    Michael Kamphaus
    President & CEO
  • ''Thank you for speaking with our PRO*ACT group in Fort Worth. You brought a higher level of thinking to the meeting, which was unexpected. I was pleased to hear your thoughts on the topics covered and will be sharing them with my coworkers."

    Jim Hoss
    Sr. Vice-President of Transportation & Operations
  • Tanner Buchanan
    ''T&T Produce is very pleased with the study and hard work done by KSi during our complete facility remodel. From designing our new facility, identifying optimal pick path patterns, and optimal slotting sequences; KSi has done a tremendous job analyzing the data and putting it together in a way that makes sense for our business. Sebastian and Rahul are very knowledgeable about operational efficiencies as well as our wholesale produce industry. Starting 2 years ago with very little direction, KSi  helped us achieve operating KPI's that were once dreamed about. Their attention to detail and ability to think outside the box, allowed us to get creative to achieve the goals we wanted, without going over budget."  
    Tanner Buchanan
    Chief Operating Officer
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For over 38 years, Keith has provided top quality supply chain solutions to Fortune 500 companies which has contributed to his distinguished reputation today as a highly respected global supply chain consulting leader and trusted advisor well known to the industry. His contribution to the development of Productivity Benchmarking data analysis, insights and reports has provided substantial benefits to the Food Industry as a whole. He is a sought-after industry speaker, has authored industry magazine articles and has published white papers on a broad range of topics on Supply Chain and Logistics.

“My goal with KSi was to create a company that allowed me to instill and uphold my key business values and ethics with the same high quality standards, passion and dedication my clients have come to know as their trusted advisor. These key factors, I believe, are the reasons why my clients have repeatedly entrusted me with their business for over 38 years and these values are now the founding pillars for KSi. As the President & CEO of Keith Swiednicki International, I am offering you my personal guarantee that our mission will be to do the right good thing for you, our customers, and that we promise you will receive the highest and most unbiased level of service excellence you have come to expect, unparalleled in the industry.”

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Sebastian Saunders

As director at KSI, Sebastian brings over 10 years of experience developing and implementing customized supply chain technology solutions and practices that support our client’s business strategies. He advises our clients by identifying and implementing the most profit efficient solutions that will maximize output and minimize cost by the identification and modernization of their supply chain practices. Sebastian leads our team of analysts and designers to devise and design the highest quality data driven process analysis strategies and solutions available in the industry today. These customized solutions provide our clients with the specific solutions, be it conventional, hybrid or fully automated, that is right for them. Sebastian holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural & Environmental Sciences degree from McGill University.

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Rahul Shingari
Senior Engineer

Rahul is a Senior Engineering Manager here at KSI. He brings over 10 years of experience in designing and slotting a multitude of facilities in a vast number of industries, ranging from Food Service, Wholesale, Retail, Food Production, E-commerce and much more. He is KSi’s lead designer and is instrumental in analyzing clients operations to strategically model what’s best for them. Rahul holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University.

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Kyle Swiednicki
Supply Chain Business Analyst

Kyle performs the day-to-day data analysis, productivity benchmarking and simulation programs required to develop and implement the optimal customized client specific solutions. He is dynamic individual who is a problem solver and has the ability to construct detailed financial models and provide in-depth analysis needed to support business operations to meet operational and strategic goals. Kyle holds a Bachelor Of Commerce degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.

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Chantal Tremblay
Executive Director

Chantal brings over 36 years of specialized corporate marketing expertise and business acumen to oversee KSi’s marketing, financial operations, human resources and administrative needs. Chantal holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Marketing degree from Concordia University.

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Chris Huff
Practice Leader Transportation

Chris is currently an Executive Committee member of the Maine Motor Transportation Association. With a career spanning over 40 years, Chris is a recognized industry leader with extensive knowledge in fleet operations and transportation logistics. As the Director of Transportation for Delhaize America, Chris led the transportation integration of ve operating banners, provided the vision, strategic leadership and direction to 1,100 transportation associates covering 12 distribution centers and servicing 1,600 supermarkets from Maine to Florida.

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Gerry Greenleaf
Practice Leader Strategic Supply Chain

Gerry is the former Vice President of Distribution and Transportation as well as Vice President Strategic Planning and Services for Delhaize America. With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years, Gerry is a well-known grocery industry veteran with extensive expertise in logistics and distribution operations, strategic planning, and leadership development, developing an integrated approach to supply chain management within his organization that focuses on continuous improvement, associate development, and operational excellence.

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Richard Kochersperger
Practice Leader Education

Richard is the Director of the Food Marketing Group, a virtual educational resource for the food industry. He is also a faculty member and the former Director of the Center for Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University. Richard has designed and implemented Executive Educational programs for several leading companies and has authored articles for industry trade publications and several books on Food Logistics used by the Cornell Distance Learning Program.

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Ron Cellupica
Council Member Distribution Operations

Ron is the former Senior Vice President of Distribution for the Golub Corporation (Price Chopper Supermarkets). With a distinguished career spanning over 45 years, Ron is a well-known grocery industry veteran with extensive expertise in retail operations, logistics and distribution. He has been an active leader for FMI, the European Food Trade Association as well as Chair of the Transportation Committee of the Schenectady Chamber of Commerce.

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