Volvo, FedEx begin testing connected truck platooning technology

Volvo, FedEx begin testing connected truck platooning technology
September 20, 2018 No Comments Blog Chantal Tremblay

Volvo, FedEx begin testing connected truck platooning technology

Truck platooning

Volvo Trucks North America and US delivery company FedEx have partnered up to begin testing truck platooning technology in North Carolina.

The technology aims to reduce fuel usage in autonomous and connected trucks by driving in convoy whilst also improving safety.

  • “Volvo Trucks has long supported platooning because it benefits freight companies and professional drivers alike through safer, more fuel-efficient operations,” said Per Carlsson, Acting President of Volvo Trucks North America. 

“We are pleased to collaborate with Volvo Trucks and the North Carolina Turnpike Authority to learn more about how platooning technology can benefit our team members while improving fuel efficiency for our fleet,” said Gloria Boyland, Corporate Vice President, Operations and Service Support, FedEx Corporation.

The platooning see’s the lead truck in control of the majority of the convoy, whilst the other trucks will use relatively basic levels of automation to follow in unison automatically, responding the movements and actions of the lead truck.

If the front truck is to turn, the convoy vehicles will also turn, and if the lead vehicle brakes, those behind it will also break automatically.

The testing sees FedEx and Volvo joining a number of other companies experimenting with the technology including the likes of Daimler AG, Navistar International and Tesla.

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