Maglev Delivery

Maglev Delivery
June 16, 2018 No Comments Blog Richard Kochersperger looking at high-speed maglev delivery network | Updated: 2018-06-15 10:36
A simulated photo of underground maglev tunnels for delivering packages, as proposed by [Photo/]

Chinese e-commerce giant is looking at developing magnetic levitation, or maglev, technology as part of its future plans to build smart logistics networks. has signed a cooperation agreement with Magplane Technology Inc., a maglev developer from the United States, to jointly develop the technology for use in logistics and warehousing.

A simulated photo of a pivot center, where packages are transported through maglev tunnels underground, as proposed by [Photo/]

The aim of the collaboration is to establish intelligent transportation networks consisting of maglev tunnels at ground level and underground. Advantages of using an independent maglev network over road transportation include faster delivery speeds, low energy consumption, and less vehicle-based pollution.

Retailers, manufacturers, supermarkets, and residential buildings could also be connected to the logistics network.

Insiders believe, however, that there is still a lot of development work to be done before the technology gets approval.

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