Hannaford ‘techs out’ a new concept store

Hannaford ‘techs out’ a new concept store
January 30, 2019 No Comments Blog Chantal Tremblay

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Hannaford wants to use technology to make in-store shopping an interactive experience, according to the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

The Scarborough, Maine-based supermarket chain, operated by Ahold Delhaize USA, is testing new features at a Portland that are designed to promote certain product categories while making shopping easier and more convenient.

Those features include digital displays that show ads for products, touchscreen stations where customers can search for information, and shelves with sensors that know which items a customer has picked up so relevant product information can be displayed on a nearby screen, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The goal is to determine whether the changes lead to increased sales and a better customer experience.

“The only way we can figure out what will work or won’t work is to actually set it up in the store,” said Kim Gray, Hannaford’s director of category management.

The digitally equipped “concept store” is a first for Hannaford, and it follows a retail industry trend toward using in-store information technology to drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

“The integration of digital is very on trend – I think we’ll continue to see more,” said Christine Cummings, executive director of the Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association. “I know that some other storefronts are integrating digital displays as part of the pricing information, and (there are places where) customers can use their smartphones to integrate with the shopping experience.”

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