GMO Labeling Is Finally Here

GMO Labeling Is Finally Here
September 20, 2018 No Comments Blog Chantal Tremblay

GMO Labeling Is Finally Here

Proposed symbols include a green leafy plant and even a smiley face

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In 2016, President Obama signed a GMO labeling bill into law, ending the long-standing fight between the pro-labeling groups and the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

The hope, and the fear, according to a column in Vitals, was that a GMO warning label would drive customers away from foods with that label. Well, here’s the USDA’s twist: The label will not say GMO. Instead it will show the letters BE.

“BE” stands for bioengineered, a term that has been occasionally applied to genetically engineered foods but was basically unknown to consumers. It’s a term that most people find to be much more pleasant and, frankly, doesn’t have the baggage of GMO.

Then there is the graphic itself; one of the proposed logos is green and leafy, the universal symbol for eco-friendly. Reminiscent of the logo that was tried, and failed, to label foods that were irradiated. The others hint at smiley faces. Seriously?

That’s just not fair.

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